About us

This is a local investment supported by industry specialist in the field of Shipping & Logistics, Engineering
and Finance. VIVCORE emerged from the business expansion concept of diversification strongly linked to the renowned Hotelier “Cyprea” which manifests a philosophy depicting a precedent through establishment of industry standard and business innovations with modern art of technology in their endeavours.

The Beginning:

Our business was initiated with the objective of creating cost effective and efficient fishing in Maldives by providing an integrated service to the fishermen of the Maldives, through which they are able to access a one stop shopping service, thereby reducing cost of fuel, which is a major operational cost for the Maldivian fishermen.

The fishermen regard quality of fuel as a very important aspect. As a result, we place paramount attention to detail while establishing an infrastructure for the storage and delivery of fuel in our service line. In addition to cater for the ardent requirement to meet the need of the fishing vessels, this service also contributes to the progressive effort made to facilitate an effective power generation system to sustain a food processing facility that caters to the everyday need of a global food supply chain. This is further strengthened by the quality management system that requires reliability and consistency in service.

Taking in to account existing geographical challenges in regard to supply logistics to resort hotels and effect of oil prices against cost of energy production, our team decided to embark on a venture that will provide energy solutions.

After successful operationalization in supplying fuel to approximately 60% of the hand- line fishing vessels operating in the Maldives and achieving a reputation for total quality service, we now offer our fuel delivery services and expertise to prestigious Maldivian Resorts.

We have established an efficient distribution service network in the Kaafu Atoll of Maldives, consisting of routine supply to luxurious cruise liners and food processing facilities in the region. The recent growth in the arrival of luxurious super yachts to the Maldives has been a key milestone in transforming our distribution capacity that have enabled us to reach to the furthest northern and southern region of the Maldives (from the Northern most island of Thuraakunu, across the equator to the Southernmost Gan island). The current demand in relation to the economic development deriving through sustained growth in tourism and related service sectors have facilitated the distribution and delivery with efficient resources.

Recent developments of resorts in various atolls has posed a major challenge for current fuel distributors in delivering fuel in most efficient and cost effective approach. Hence, Vivcore distribution network (VDN) has been branded after developing a strategy to reach these resort groups through a satellite distribution hub that meet the aforementioned objective.