We believe that reputation and trust are fundamental in an oil distribution service in order to sustain customer con dence. The quality assurance is achieved only through a quality management system that will ensure quality through inspection and control.

We will facilitate a fuel inventory management system and vessel tracking service as part of the quality management service. The inventory management system will provide you real time stock status with automatic recordings of fuel levels in the tank. The inventory management system will illustrate the fuel levels in graphical representation and provide historical data for reconciliation and control.

This inventory system will be implemented to the main storage tank as well as the day tank, thus allowing detailed monitoring of fuel consumption.

This service will be further enhanced for the vessels used in the resort transportation service by installing a tracking system, which will strengthen the energy management and control.

We have built a reputation for reliability among various sectors of the country for rendering fuel delivery service.

We currently cater to:

  • Resorts
  • Commercial Fishing eets in EZ
  • Bunkering to Luxury Cruise vessels and Super Yachts
  • EU certi ed Food Processing facilities
  • Fishing eets
  • Regional Utility stations

The bunker service to cruise vessels is the most sensitive bunker operation since these international luxury cruisers require a standard operating procedure from the bunker service provider to comply. These vessels cannot afford any interruption due to a wrong speci cation of fuel similar to that of a resort island and hence lot of attention is given to assure quality control in the service.

We have acclaimed recognition among the international cruise vessels for quality service.

Other Services

Our services does not limit only to fuel supply. It includes other various support services, as follows: