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MGO (Diesel)

MGO has a transparent to light color. Marine gasoil is used in smaller medium- to high-speed auxiliary units or auxiliary motors and ship’s engines. The latter are typically found on fishing boats, small ferries or tugs. Unlike heavy fuel oil or heavy marine diesel oil (MDO) with a large proportion of heavy fuel oil, marine gasoil, which is based on the lighter distillates, has a low viscosity and can easily be pumped into the engine at temperatures of around 20°C.

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ULG (Petrol)

Unleaded petrol - gasoline that has not been treated with a lead compound. Unleaded gasoline. gasolene, gasoline, petrol, gas - a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum; used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines. In Maldives ULG is mostly used in Speed Boats, Car and Motor Bikes.

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LPG (or LP Gas) is the acronym for Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas. LPG is a group of flammable hydrocarbon gases that are liquefied through pressurization and commonly used as fuel. LPG comes from natural gas processing and petroleum refining. There are a number of gases that fall under the “LPG” label, including propane, butane (n-butane) and isobutane (i-butane), as well as mixtures of these gases. LPG gases can all be compressed into liquid at relatively low pressures. LPG is frequently used for fuel in heating, cooking, hot water and vehicles, as well as for refrigerants, aerosol propellants and petrochemical feedstock.

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Lubricant Oil

Lubricating oil is refined from crude oil. After undergoing a purifying process called sedimentation, the crude oil is heated in huge fractional towers. The various vapors—which can be used to make fuel, waxes, or propane, among other substances—boil off and are collected at different points in the tower. The lube oil that is collected is filtered, and then additives are mixed in.

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