Vivco Distribution Network

The VDN (Vivcore Distribution Network) excels over such other arrangements due to the following reasons:

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An oil tanker of storage capacity 1,000MT is utilised in order to be more operationally efficient.


A customer cluster is identified and deliveries are met with a professional nautical expertise to determine course and route with a voyage plan with fewer diversions.


In contrast to the current industry practice the service will utilize a 200MT, 170MT and 65MT capacity delivery barges in association with the principal tanker (1000MT) to increase effciency. The parallel use of these three delivery barges will allow it to cater in a cycle that will meet the monthly order of the customers in full. The insuffcient capacity of delivery barges will only give rise to partial delivery thus complicating ordering process for the customer as they have to always follow up for the remaining balance to be received to the stores.


Our distribution network does have additional barges ranging from 30-200MT storage capacities that can be utilized to meet a requirement outside a predetermined customer cluster.